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The Third Novel in the Series:

The Ghost Ship Chronicles

Imperial Sigil by Tanna Borrell

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Chapter 1 Secrets

Length of Novel:

94,335 words

Keywords and Market Focus:

Science fiction, space, adventure, intrigue, space ships, psyonics; will appeal to adults and young adults interested in science fiction/adventure

Ghost: Regia Anglorum is a unique novel but the concept is similar to Jack Vance’s To Live Forever or many of Andrea Norton’s mind swap novels.  Regia adds an interesting adoption and abandoned child theme similar to Oliver by Charles Dickens.


Science Fiction


Den and Natana Protania are installed as the Captain and First Officer of the newest Family Trader Vessel, the Regia Anglorum. The ship receives its official negotiated trading schedule that takes them to planets Family Traders have not visited in years, including El Rashad.

Nikita lives on garbage in the streets on El Rashad and collects every piece of reading material she can. Her only consolation is the church, her doll, Alice, and the minds of the spacers Nikita reads when they land at the spaceport. Nikita, like Den and Natana is a high level psyonic.

Nikita detects the most beautiful mind she has ever seen. It is Natana’s, and Natana determines to find and bring the girl back to the ship. It isn’t as easy as Natana thought. Nikita has issues: she is distrustful of anyone, and she is malnourished and sick.

Nikita’s integration into the ship is not easy, but she makes friends. Four girls invite her to be a member of their “special” girl’s club. Nikita also makes some unintentional enemies. Alex the class bully is just one. He taunts Nikita almost every day. Finally, Alex gets his hands on Alice and tosses her over a fence in the ship’s wilderness area. Nikita snaps. She attacks Alex and climbs the fence. When she falls on the other side, she breaks her arm and sprains her leg. Natana and Den recover Nikita, but life has changed for her.

Because of her injuries, Nikita can’t work, train, or do her school work, and it is all Alex’s fault. Alex now tries to make amends for his treatment to Nikita. Nikita has more problems: injured crewmembers can’t make planetfall, and her parents, Den and Natana have planed a trip to the surface of Acier. Plus, Nikita’s class is going on a fieldtrip to Acier, and she can’t go.

Nikita discovered; Alex is a special because he is an engineering design genius—he can invent and build almost anything. When her class returns from Acier, Nikita has something she needs Alex to build for her. Nichol, one of the members of her girl’s club is cutting—it became worse when she returned to the ship. Nikita confronts her and discovers the Family Traders don’t need writers, musicians, entertainers, or inventors. Nichol is a singer, musician, and writer—that’s her special. Since she can’t produce a skill the ship needs, she knows one day she will be kicked off, and the thought terrifies her.

Nikita knows how to help Nichol. She brings in her friends and Alex to solve the problem. In the process, they learn the Captain and First Officer, Den and Natana are missing on Acier. Nikita is devastated. She must go to the surface of Acier to help Nichol and rescue her parents, but the ship is on a lock down until security finds the Captain and First Officer. Nikita and her friends make a plan to do it all—the question is can they pull it off?

Author's reviewer’s quotes:

Nikita is a completely unexpected development in the Ghost Chronicles.  Here is a child you can’t help love.  Just like Natana, you want to pick up and hug Nikita, and you can’t help hope she is successful.

Adopting a twelve year old is difficult enough.  For a couple less than twenty-five who are up to their eyeballs in responsibility to adopt a malnourished, high level psyonic who can eavesdrop on their bedroom activities…

If Natana and Den are gasoline and air, Nikita is the match.  The duo becomes a trio that obviously has an appointment with destiny.

Short descriptive teasers:

Ghost: Regia Anglorum continues the adventures of Den and Natana on the ship Regia Anglorum as they adopt a daughter, determine their purpose, and build their destiny.

The Athenian Charter is arming itself with psyonic weapons and so are Den and Natana: they discover another high level psyonic, unfortunately she’s only twelve, and a whole unknown society to help them.    

Den and Natana take over their commissions as the first Captain and First Officer of the newest Family Trader Vessel, Regia Anglorum; they must contend with their new responsibilities, an adopted daughter, and an unexpected adversary.

Further Information:

Ghost: Regia Anglorum is the third novel in the Ghost Ship Chronicles. 

The Ghost Ship Chronicles is a follow-on from the distant future of the universe introduced in the Chronicles of the Dragon and the Fox.




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